Located in Beautiful Sudden Valley, our salon offers full service pet grooming for all breeds. We strive for a clean, calm & pleasant environment for both our groomers and the pets we love.

   Below are price estimates. It's always to best to call or stop by for more accurate pricing.

Full Groom (FG): includes bath, brush out, toe nail trim, a.g. expression on appropriate breeds, ear cleaning and full body hair cut.

Bath and Tidy (B&T): includes bath, brush out, toe nail trim, a.g. expression on appropriate breeds, ear cleaning and light trimming of hygiene area and feet, feathering/fringes and around eye area on appropriate breeds.

*Pricing always varies according to coat condition, temperament, age, etc.

2022-2023 Prices


Toe Nail Trim (Dog & Cat) 

$15 small pets // $18 Large pets

Teeth brushed $10

Anal gland expression $18

Paw trim and/or  Face trim $15-25+

Cat hygiene clip w/tnt $25

Deskunk treatment (Reg price of breed +) $25

Flea bath (Reg price of breed+) $15


Aussies BT $60+ FG $75+

Akita $80+

Chihuahuas, Boston terriers, pugs, or similar $35+

Doodle FG's:

 Small-Med $65-95+

 Med-Large $100-140+

 Basset hounds $60

Border collies B&T $70+, FG $85+

BMD's $80+

Cavalier BT $55+ FG $65+

Doxen $45 BT, $60 FG                                                           German shorthairs $50+

Golden Retrievers 75+, FG 90+

Great Danes $80+

Havanese $65+ 

Husky's $80+

Labs $60 Heelers, or similar $60+

Maltese $60+

Mini Aussies $65+

Newfies / Gr. Pyrenees $140+

Papillon $45 BT, $60 FG


  Teacup-small $65

  Med-standard $95-120+

  Standard Poodles $120-140+

Yorkies $60 Pomeranian $65

Samoyed 150+

Shih tzu’s $65+

Cockers $65+

Springers $85+

Schnauzers $65+

St. Schnauzers $120+

PWD $95+

Westies 65+

Wheaton’s $95+

Cairn Terr 65+

*We are no longer taking hand strip clients at this time. 



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We will be closed all major holidays to enjoy time with our families

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Closing hours vary from 3pm to 7pm


Monday 9AM 

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Our Policies: 

Grooming ca be stressful for your dog so we require your pet to be in our facility as short of time as possible. We ask you to pickup with 30 minutes of notice of completion. Anything longer may be subject to holding fees of $10 per 1/2 hour. Groom times generally take 2-3 hours. We also provide reminders and ask cancellations be made within 24 hours or more. Any missed appointments will be charge a rebook fee for the cost of the groom with a minimum of $25 and may result in the denial of future services altogether.


In the event that we have a snow storm OR severe heat, The shop will close and you will be notified by phone to reschedule your appointment. This is for the safety of both staff and pets. 


If interested, please send a resume to 


(360) 393-4933 | 1941 Lake Whatcom Blvd Bellingham, Wa 98229 Suite B2